SEO and Google – See The Changes Between 2012 and 2013


This SEO infographic is supplied courtesy of Rouge-Media a Reading Based Digital Design Agency.

SEO and Google – The Changes between 2012 and 2013

The search engine world never stops changing, and although the basics remain the same (on page / off page and social media) the mix and what matters the most is for ever evolving.

In this infographic we show what changed between 2013 and 2012.There were quite a few areas that had a positive impact, like the number of internal links, something often forgotten, with the use of keywords in these links also being important. Interestingly, some other factors like the number of External links (an area that used to be king) whilst still being important, was not as powerful as the number of words on the page, this again proving that ‘Content is Now King’.

Interestingly, the presence of Adsense adverts on a page could adversely affect the rankings, as could the use of keywords in the H1 tags, this being something of a shocker (and set it seems to be even more so in 2014).

When it comes to the way that any keywords are ranked, we see that the use of these in the Title of the pages and where they are became more important and that having them in the Domain name was good (which is something interesting again as ‘Exact Match Domains’ were said not to work anymore).

As mentioned above, the power of External links has dropped, BUT No Follow links have more power and links which are more natural (in them having a STOP word or two in them) are also deemed more useful. In fact, links with keywords can cause negative effects (bit only we think if the balance is

Social Media signal are however a lot more important than before, Facebook Comments, Likes and Shares being more powerful than Tweets. However, it would be a bad idea not to include Google Plus is growing much faster than Facebook, so is set to be more powerful in the future.

There is also the impact that the huge growth in the use of mobile devices is having on SEO, as Google have stated that when searches are made on mobile devices, they will penalise sites that do not display well, so if your business is one that could be searched for on a phone, eg a fast food outlet, or a garage, then it is a must to make sure that your site is fully Responsive.

Some large businesses have up to now not been too worried about making sure their site worked on mobile devices like phones or tablets, but the data shows that they will have to think again, some 66% of the visits to Corporate sites being made on such equipment.

So the overall picture is one of change (as expected) the biggest things to consider is that of Social Media and ensuring that your site looks OK on mobile devices.

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