Online Videos – The Usage Levels are Truly Amazing !

Online Video By The Billions – An infographic by the team at Wyzowl Video Production Company



Why you should be using Video to put your message across


If ever you needed a reason to think about using video to put across your message or to share an event, be it personal or business in video format, then these figures will be sure to convince you.
We all know that video is popular, after all that favourite movie of ours is in effect a video, just a long one that has been shot in a spectacular way and that has (hopefully) a great script. Video on the web covers far more than just showing popular films, it also allows people to share those silly and sometimes very private moments with their friends.

In most cases, these events are ones that have been recorded and then posted onto Facebook or YouTube of course and here the numbers are staggering, the data collected in this Infographic from Comscord showing that each month there are over 1 Billion unique visits every month, with each viewer looking at around 4 hours of video each. When it comes to Facebook, we can see that a video is posted every 7.7 seconds, and this is all old data, heaven knows how often it is done today?

The rest of the Infographic goes on to show the huge numbers of people looking at videos online, comparing them to the populations of China and India to put across the point in an perhaps more easily understood way.

Video Advertising levels are increasing

One thing that really astounded me was the number of times people had seen (or is that subjected too) online adverts, the figure being 8.3Million and that again was for March 2012, nearly 2 years ago at the time of writing, so again the number for 2013 must be much much higher.

What the data does not tell us is how much of this video was in real time. I am not talking about video phone calls using Skype or WhatsApp, but rather when an event is transmitted live on the web. I have heard of this being used to transmit a wedding ceremony to people far across the globe, who, but for the sharing would have to wait for ages to see a recording, which is never quite the same is it?

Live Event Streaming for Business and Pleasure

This ‘Live Event Streaming’ is set to become more and more popular over time in my view, as both the web speeds up and more and more people have access to technology that allows the viewing of such material, eg tablet devices.

Share your conference or business meeting live

Of course, it is not just family members who will gain here, businesses can now easily share a conference or business meeting online, thus not only saving money, but also allowing more people to ‘join in’, with all the positive effects that can have on staff morale and ultimately the bottom line of that business.
So, online video is here to stay, all you need is help in harnessing the power, and here, I just must recommend they have the skill and knowledge to make it all happen and at very reasonable costs too.

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