Introducing the InfographVID

InfographVID, a page on a site that offers readers information in just the way they want it:-

Exploring Kinesthetic/Tactile Learning Styles

Explore more infographics like this one on the web’s largest information design community – Visually.


The infographic shows the different learning styles people have, whilst the video below puts across how a mixture of three mediums, images, videos and text could provide a one stop shop for anyone who want so understand the basics of, well, just about anything.


This is the first post of many and hopefully shows you the format of future posts.

The reasoning behind the idea

Any teacher knows the people learn in different ways and when it comes to the Internet, there are basically three ways in which information can be gleaned, understood and hopefully assimilated.

These are:-

  • Pictures, this including the Infographic, an image that provides data in a visual format
  • Videos, in effect, moving pictures with sound, these being very useful in ‘telling a story’
  • Words. In many cases, people just have to READ something before it sinks in, so words can for some be the ideal way by which they can be helped to ‘understand’ something.

Put them altogether and you have a page that will help anyone understand the basics of just about anything (as long as they understand English of course).


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